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Potential use:

  • Spot centres of profit and waste
  • Align IP portfolios with the IP strategy and priorities
  • Better overall strategy and risk management

1. Sorting Patents
Sorting patents according notably to their usefulness, importance and potential value provides insight on the depth, breadth, and power of your IP portfolio. Alone or in concert with other IP management’s best practice, sorting patents can quickly deliver concrete results. Our opinion can back your decision to prioritize activities, abandon dormant patents or sell, license, or donate unused IP.

2. Competitive Assessment
Competitive assessment is an analysis effort that provides a broad view of where your company and your IP stand in the marketplace. This allows you to better use your IP, hence increasing corporate value. This effort can also increase operational efficiencies and throughput, notably via faster, more informed, and more disciplined decision-making on such matter as investing market niches or launching -or not- new products.

3. IP Valuation
IP Valuation aims at determining the economic value of intellectual property (IP) rights. In the course of a valuation effort, we use a variety of proved methodologies and techniques, notably to assess the IP’s contributing value to products and services. Properly valuing IP assets is critical to ensure successful transactions (sale, technology transfer, license, or M&A), litigation (assessment of damages), or discussions with tax authorities (transfer pricing etc). Download the article “Introduction to IP Valuation” ».