From time to time, we post a non-exhaustive selection of interesting technologies available for license or acquisition through us.

Inflow Dam System : A portable, efficient and eco friendly hydropower solution for Tidal and Still water applications
The system provides modular and portable hydropower units that can be used individually or connected in network for a larger electricity production.
Main advantages (i): unmatched efficiency, per water surface area; (ii) small operating space; (iii) Very Low to No ecological footprint: the units are installed and removed without the need to construct and destroy an ecologically damaging infrastructure; (iv) Low cost manufacturing and Reduced maintenance cost
Main Applications: Still water, Rivers, Basins, Channels

3D PBR - PhotoBioReactors
A innovative three-dimensional photobioreactor construction allows efficient growth of microalgae and profitable production of biofuel.
Main advantages of HSL 3D PBR:
- High output, unmatched efficiency
- Low cost manufacturing methods
- Continuous operation
- Reduced maintenance cost

Industrial equipment / Measure and instrumentation
Flow rate measuring devices
This technology provides a mean to measure flow rates of various gases. By using a photoacoustic effect, this technology provides an easy, safe and robust method to meter gases - even explosive gases - flow without contact with the flowing medium, thus also avoiding contamination.

Automatic machining / industrial components
Bending process for electrical appliances
This technology provides a mean to manufacture medium and large Unicores (transformer cores) at low cost, with much higher performance than C-cores or E-cores.

Industrial equipment / Measure and instrumentation
Temperature compensation for fiber optic sensors
This technology provides a mean to dynamically compensating temperature effects on optical fibers during fiber optic measurement.

Industrial equipment / Actuators / Control
Soft start and stop of a rotary machine
This technology provides a mean to safely control rotary motors, especially asynchronous rotary electrical machines, by regulating the starting and ending voltage supplies. The means for regulation may be provided as a separate add-on unit to existing soft starter equipments.