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Managing Partner
Sylvain Roy

Sylvain Roy is a Canadian attorney (Quebec Bar) practicing in Intellectual Property (IP), commercial law and corporate law legal areas. Sylvain offers a vast experience of licensing, IP valuation and generally, helping technologies moving to world markets. His past entrepreneurial experiences as COO, CEO and external strategist for technology companies provided him with a holistic know-how of operation, marketing and finance.

email: sroy@hslicensing.com

Jean-Alain Esclafer de La Rode

Jean-Alain Esclafer de La Rode is an engineer having a broad academic and industry background, in Europe and America, with emphasis in mechatronics, photonics, microtechnologies and microelectronics. Beyond technique, Jean-Alain's creativity and knowledge of research institutions and players, both public and private, fuels his capacity to find breakthrough and useful technologies.

email: jaedlr@hslicensing.com